It seems like every day there’s yet another data breach or security hack in the news. As cloud adoption continues to grow, the security of cloud services is of increasing concern. As the developer of CloudBlue and the leading Cloud Marketplace provider, Ingram Micro takes the security of our customers, employees and their data very seriously. Security is not something you just set up and let run; it’s something you do every day, night—and the first thing you think about every morning.

While no systems or processes are perfect, there are key actions you can take to minimize the risk to your data and environment. Here are 10 things we do to keep Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and the CloudBlue digital commercial platform secure that can help with your cybersecurity efforts as well:

Sofware can’t protect people from themselves

  1. Go deeper on security

Creating multiple layers of defense has been a key principle in security, whether you’re securing a medieval castle, traditional data center or cloud-hosted data center. This involves layering security controls from your edge network (or outer castle wall) to your internal databases (or keep). The security controls vary from implementation to implementation using edge firewalls, proxies, web application firewalls or moats.

  1. Build network segmentation and firewalls 

Good security starts with choosing your network wisely. Just like with castles, a location impacts security as much as any other security defense you might consider. In this case, your internal systems or services should sit on non-routable IP blocks wherever feasible.