Ingram Micro Cloud’s end-to-end platform solutions are dedicated to the success of our reseller partners who are competing and scaling in today’s digital economy. By offering cloud services to their customers, resellers can help those customers transform their businesses while expanding their own.

Once Ingram Micro’s partners have entered the Build stage of their journey to Cloud Awesomeness, they’re selling one to three cloud offerings, but still have a lot more potential to earn in the cloud business. As a partner, you may start wondering: How do I sell more cloud offerings? What are the next steps to get to the Breadth stage?

Let’s look at three key moves you can make to engage more with your existing customers and boost profits in the following areas:

  • Cross-selling
  • Digital marketing
  • Automated provisioning


Resellers in the Breadth stage have learned that the power of cross-selling complementary products is a proven way to boost profitability by growing a larger recurring revenue base and reducing the cost of sale for each new cloud solution sold.

Proactively packaging together several solutions and selling them to your customers is a strategy that makes sense because you become a one-stop shop for their IT needs. It helps you not only sell additional products, but also upgrade their existing products.

Cross-selling is also an excellent customer retention strategy. In fact, a recent survey of SaaS firms showed that companies with the lowest churn rate had cross-sold multiple products to about a third of their customers.

Digital Marketing

Breadth stage resellers understand that digital marketing yields measurable results. Engaging in various digital marketing activities to supplement traditional marketing efforts can greatly increase your reach toward existing and potential customers.

Digital marketing is driven by (a) owned content such as blogs, webinars, podcasts and videos that demonstrate your level of knowledge about your cloud offerings; and (b) paid content such as Google Ads, SEO optimization and referral marketing.

Automated Provisioning

Resellers getting serious about selling cloud services also need to get serious about how to deliver cloud services. The best way to improve cloud delivery is through automated provisioning, which gives your customers instant access to software online, speeds up deployment and billing, and allows you to spend more time running your business.

An automated provisioning system should be fast and fluid with a full self-service capability so your customers can update, add or cancel services as needed. It should also be vendor-agnostic, so all the services you offer are integrated, removing the need for users to visit individual vendor portals.

One way to begin automating your cloud services delivery is through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Offered in 55 countries, seven languages, 14 currencies and more than 3.8 million seats, it’s the largest cloud marketplace of its kind.

For those who are investing big in the cloud, another way to go is with CloudBlue, the cloud commerce platform that powers Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. CloudBlue gives you the power and control to own and run your own platform, along with the ability to manage provisioning, billing, channel and subscriptions with telco-grade system capabilities.

Learn more about how you can sell your own services through this built-in marketplace by visiting

Getting to Breadth

Breadth stage resellers are seeing success in the cloud by selling more cloud offerings (up to 10) and selling more to each of their customers. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of cloud services, you’ll find Ingram Micro Cloud offers a wide range of support and flexibility.

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